Refashion: Old sweater into head wrap

This morning, I’ve already been up taking in my husbands jeans (he bought Easy fit Gap jeans instead of the original fit).

So, I dug through my closet and decided I needed to refashion this old sweater that has definitely seen better days. I knew I wanted to keep the sleeves to use as leg warmers and decided I’d make a headband with the bottom portion.

I cut off the wide band on the bottom and measured it around my head. I used my sewing machine to resize. Then, I cut 2 small strips of fabric to make flowers. I literally just folded the strip in half and hand sewed it, pulling the thread so that it would curl into itself and viola, you have a flower! I sewed these onto the head wrap by hand. Grabbed my cutest model to try it on (she’s the one always in the background playing with Mommy’s jewelry and cosmetic cases).








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