Upcycled: Water bottle into bracelets

So, tonight I decided to make some bracelets out of a water bottle. I first covered the bottle in masking tape, then cut into various sized bracelets. I then covered each bracelet in masking tape from the inside out so that I would be able to use a glue gun.

I covered the bracelets in various fabrics from an old sweater, a stretchy knit, old t-shirt scraps and even used an old pant drawstring. The purple bracelet turned out cute; however, due to the thickness of the fabric, it is now a child sized bracelet :). I have very small wrists and there is no way that thing is going on! Haha…oh well, it’ll become a nice play bracelet for my daughter.

I used a hot glue gun to cover each bracelet, just wrapping the fabric around. The white and blue bracelet is made out of old t-shirt scraps that I simply wrapped around alternating the colors. Next, I’m going to try a Pringles container in hopes that it fits better!









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