Refashion: Dress refashioned into long-sleeved shirt

This entire refashion was sewn by hand 🙂

Tonight I’m working on a dress I bought at a consignment sale recently for $2.25…much cheaper than any fabric I can buy!

I cut the dress in half, keeping the skirt portion in tact and hacking up the top section to make sleeves. This is similar to the brown/green dress refashion in the sense that I’ll use the skirt upside-down as the bodice of the new top.

This dress had a fabric belt which I decided to sew along the bottom hem of the shirt creating a belt which can be cinched in if desired.

I’ll sew the top of the shirt and leave a large opening for the neckline. Here’s what I’ve done so far…I’ll be working on cutting and creating the sleeves in the morning. Good night!






Update: Here is the top so far…I like it! Now to see if I can create sleeves from the rest of the leftover material 🙂


Update: I finished the sleeves! This was a little harder than I thought it’d be because of the shape of the material. I took the top of the dress and cut it down the middle then pinned to make a wider sleeve.







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