Alteration: Really large shirt taken in to fit

So nothing spectacular but wanted to share because it’s really simple to take in a top! I know in the past I’ve passed on buying something because it was too large.

Well I ordered this top off of eBay knowing its be really big on me since it’s a petite large. I forgot to take a before pic :/. But it looked awful…kinda like an old grandma shirt. I figured I could wear it with leggings and a belt but I honestly prefer jeans over anything else so I took out my favorite shirt to measure against it.

Took a guesstimate at how many inches I needed to take in because I didn’t have time to pin it if I wanted to wear it today 😉

So I took in the sleeves slightly and took off about 2.5-3″ on each side. Did i mention this took 5 minutes?!?! And I wore it today 🙂




One thought on “Alteration: Really large shirt taken in to fit

  1. je trouve que tu as beaucoup d’imagination et tu es tres habile ,j’aime regarder se que tu fais car je suis visuel alors j’apprend en voyant et j’ai bien aime les jeans ,je vais essayer ca c’est certain.merci

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