DIY: Ring sling (Maya wrap)

This tutorial is for my September 2010 Wte ladies…love you, girls!

When my daughter was born, she was absolutely beautiful….and definitely colicky! So, I became a baby-wearer immediately :). Now that she’s a toddler and new walker, I don’t necessarily need to wear her but I still do at times and prefer the ring sling.

Today’s tutorial is how to make your own ring sling. So, here it goes…take at least 2 yards of fabric. I prefer knit since it doesn’t fray (less sewing!) and it’s stretchy (more comfy!). You’ll also need two sling rings. I order all of my rings from Slingrings because they are designed and tested specifically for ring slings. If you choose a knit, you won’t have to sew much at all, making this a very easy, quick project ;). If you choose another fabric, such as a cotton or poly blend, start by hemming all four sides. Also, if you choose to make a double sided sling, sew the two fabrics together before beginning the below instructions.


Take the fabric and thread it through the rings. Fold the end of the fabric in half, then fold the other half over it.








Now, fold this end over the rings and onto the other side of the fabric. Pin into place and sew here. I prefer to do a couple of different stitches, usually a zig zag stitch with a straight stitch on both sides of this just to make it extra strong.













11 thoughts on “DIY: Ring sling (Maya wrap)

  1. You’re very right! I did use craft rings on my first personal sling but have been ordering from slingrings since then. I’ve been meaning to edit this post but if you look at the other sling posts you’ll see my rings. Thank you!

  2. Great tutorial, thank you! Yours was so much easier for me than the one on the maya sling website. The only thing that needs to be added is the width of the fabric, I had way too much width (almost 60 inches) and then I looked it up somewhere else and the width should be 36-45 inches.

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