Refashion: Old dress (with lace overlay) turned into top

So I absolutely love these skirt tops I’ve been making and found another dress I never wear. This one has 2 layers of fabric (top layer is lace).


So, I cut off the top of the dress to use the bottom skirt portion. I sewed the bottom of my new top so that the fabric wouldn’t fray, making sure to fold over both fabrics. Next, I sewed the top portion of the shirt, leaving a wide neckline in between.




Then, I cut out arm holes, which was a bit trickier since there is 2 fabrics.




And viola…you have a new shirt!



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2 thoughts on “Refashion: Old dress (with lace overlay) turned into top

    1. Thank you – I really like the style of shirt you end up with! Plus, I’ve had some of these dresses for years – I bought this dress 9 yrs ago when I was pregnant with my son (I didn’t want to wear maternity clothes so I bought bigger, stretchy dresses).

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