If you’re anything like me, you may not be thrilled about how you look in a nursing tank. When I had my daughter 14 months ago, I bought a couple of nursing tanks from Target in 2 different sizes…neither fit how I wanted them to! The small fit my torso and the top smooshed everything together…the medium fit alright except the holes were just too small…and the large only fit if I took in the bodice several inches!

So, I started looking into other options and came across the undercover mama cami. With my mediocre sewing skills, I figured I may be able to make one.

1. Take any tank top of your choice (best to use one with stretchy, bra-type straps).


2. Turn the tank top inside-out and backwards.
3. Cut the straps off where they are sewn to the tank (cut only the back not the front side of the strap)
4. Turn the tank top around so that the front is facing you.


5. Make a small loop with the strap and sew in place. Do this with the other strap as well. Cut off the excess part of the straps.




6. Turn the tank top right side out and put it on. Unlatch your nursing bra on each side, putting the loop through the latch on the cup side of your nursing bra. Re-latch your bra with your new undercover mama camisole attached :)




Now, put on any shirt of your choice and you have a new nursing top!




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