Refashion: Tank top to nursing tank

If you’re anything like me, you may not be thrilled about how you look in a nursing tank. When I had my daughter 14 months ago, I bought a couple of nursing tanks from Target in 2 different sizes…neither fit how I wanted them to! The small fit my torso and the top smooshed everything together…the medium fit alright except the holes were just too small…and the large only fit if I took in the bodice several inches!

So, I started looking into other options and came across the undercover mama cami. With my mediocre sewing skills, I figured I may be able to make one.

1. Take any tank top of your choice (best to use one with stretchy, bra-type straps).


2. Turn the tank top inside-out and backwards.
3. Cut the straps off where they are sewn to the tank (cut only the back not the front side of the strap)
4. Turn the tank top around so that the front is facing you.


5. Make a small loop with the strap and sew in place. Do this with the other strap as well. Cut off the excess part of the straps.




6. Turn the tank top right side out and put it on. Unlatch your nursing bra on each side, putting the loop through the latch on the cup side of your nursing bra. Re-latch your bra with your new undercover mama camisole attached 🙂




Now, put on any shirt of your choice and you have a new nursing top!




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37 thoughts on “Refashion: Tank top to nursing tank

    1. Thank you, Ashley! I created this after having my daughter and not liking the fit of my store bought nursing tanks. I hope you can use this refashion! I’ve also made several from scratch, just using another tank as a pattern 🙂

    1. I’m sorry I just saw this question! When you put the tank on, you’ll put it right over your nursing bra all the way around. I’ve never had a problem with the back sliding down. I’m fairly petite and wear a small to medium fitted tank. I would suggest using a tank that is snug so that it does stay up. You can always take in the bodice if your tank is not as fitted as needed.

  1. I am also wondering what holds up the back of this tank? I would think it would just flop over or slink down your back of it’s not being held up by anything???

    1. Heidi, I just answered this question above. Thanks for asking. I honestly think it just has to do with the fit of your tank. I prefer mine to be pretty snug since I’m wearing as a layer under my normal clothing. If its snug, it will stay in place. I would make sure it sits over the back of your nursing bra though.

      1. Thank you! This is great! I love the undercover mama tanks, and this is essentially the same! THANK YOU! The undercover mam tanks slide down in back, but it’s no big deal. SInce they’re held up in front they are ok. If you get a form fitted spandex-y tank, I am sure it will stay up even better 🙂

  2. Just this evening I took 4 of my hardly-worn-anymore camis and did a quick sew job as per your tutorial. Maybe an hour-ish? But I had to sew my straps up by hand because the cami straps are so thin they wouldn’t have worked on the machine. Still priceless. Thank you so much! I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to be linking to this post from my blog.

  3. I have been brainstorming how to create my own nursing tops. I like to wear tanks under t-shirts but the motherhood maternity ones are pretty thick and create too much bulk worn under another shirt. With this, I can use lightweight camisoles. Thank you for this!

  4. This is fantastic! In regards to the questions about holding up the back of the tank, I am wondering if it would be possible to leave the strap on and create another loop which can be slipped into the nursing bra clip as well?

  5. For those people concerned with the back of the tank falling down, You could also cut the straps at about the halfway point, then sew four loops: two on the back as well as the two on the front. That way, you could slip your bra strap through the backside loops to give the back more support, say for a looser tank top, then hook the front as described in the instructions.

  6. I love this! I have been trying to figure out a way that I don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money. I was just wondering were you purchased the tank tops you used.

  7. I am eternally grateful. I tried this, and I can’t stop telling everyone (well, almost everyone) how fabulous it is! I only wish I had known about this oh-so-clever trick when I had my first instead of on my last!

    1. Thank you, Christina! I wish I had discovered this when I had my first too! In fact, my mom gave me my first sewing machine when my first son was born…but I didn’t open it till 7 yrs later when my daughter was born.

  8. I am 39 weeks with my second baby, and counting down to nursing time. Thanks to pinterest, I just made 4 of these from old navy camis ($3.50 each!). THANK YOU!!!!!

  9. Just made two of these in 20 minutes total. Thanks for the great idea!! Now if we could only find a way to make nursing bras, too!

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  11. […] is a trick on pinterest of how to make your own nursing tanks and I thikn I am going to try it. Refashion: Tank top to nursing tank | Refashion, Repurpose, Redo… But first I have to find a nursing bra that fits. -_- Check out my Thirty-One website […]

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