Refashion: Moms sweater into toddler sweater dress

I have a few sweaters that I’ve had for a while and haven’t worn. I figured it was time to finally refashion them into something and what better than a cute little sweater dress for my 15 month old!

So, I took this old Express sweater


I took one of my daughters dresses to use in place of a pattern. Go head and cut through both layers like I did. Since this sweater was a bit short, I was able to use the front v-neck for this project.



Next, I placed the fabric inside out and sewed the sides and shoulders.



I had my daughter try it on before creating sleeves.


I used the very bottom portion of the sleeves to create the ribbed bell sleeves on her new dress.



I was also able to use the original bottom of the sweater so there was no need to hem! Here’s a before & after shot.


And just some cute pics of my daughter modeling her new sweater dress🙂



She never stops moving!


My favorite retouched photo❤


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