So, my dear grandmother sent me bag full of clothes and in it, there was this awesome sweater that’s about 3 sizes too big!


I love the style of it so I decided to take it in A LOT to make it fit :). Originally, my plan was to make it into sweater dress but since I wear jeans every day, I’d much rather have a new top than a dress.

First, I had to take in the neckline/shoulder area.



Next, I took in the sides of the top. I did this twice as I realized it was still too baggy with the first alteration.



I loved the cut of the sleeves so I left these alone. In all, I ended up taking off about 2.5″ from each side of the top and about 1.5″ from the top.

Now, it fits perfectly! It’s a loose fitting top with awesome sleeves, yet sits on my hips just as I envisioned.


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