Redo: Adding length back onto pants after cutting

OOPS! I can’t believe I did this…I hem pants all of the time. In my own defense, I was rushing because I really wanted to wear these after taking in the waist on them (see previous post). I started hemming, forgot to divide the length in half to hem (see original hem post). I usually try my pants on before cutting…so of course the one time I decide to skip this, I mess up!

I ended up with these high waters…hey, where’s the flood?!?!


So, after getting frustrated and letting the pants sit collecting dust for the past week, I decided to fix them tonight.

First, I needed to take the excess fabric and measure to add the correct amount back on. So I pinned and cut.


Next, I sewed it back together since I had cut along the seam.


Then, I reattached the fabric to the bottom of the pant leg by sewing a straight stitch along the bottom.


This added back the length…whew!


Finally, I redid the original hem to finish.


Here’s a close-up so you can see the added fabric.


I added a top stitch on the area I added the fabric back on to as well as over the original hem. This made the seams lay flat and less noticeable.

See? You can fix almost any mistake!



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3 thoughts on “Redo: Adding length back onto pants after cutting

  1. I just just overcut on an expensive pair of jeans. When you add the fabric back in, can you just hem the other side as you normally would, or do they have to “match”?

  2. Sara, do you mean match the other leg or what are you referencing to? I want to make sure I’m answering your question correctly.

  3. One of my first nightmares was 45 yrs ago when we were so broke, just starting out and I tried to hem a pair of dress pants for my dh….did exactly this. It was marginal but not for long. After they were washed and dried in those commercial dryers…they had to be tossed. I was crushed and defeated…

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