Alteration: Taking in womens pants by darting

So, as you already know, I am self taught…so I honestly just try things and hope for the best 🙂

I won these awesome Abercrombie & Fitch corduroy pants on eBay recently…have I mentioned my husband and my new obsession with buying on eBay? We love getting things for so cheap! Anyway, I knew these were too large but I wanted to try darting so I bought them for $5!

Before pic


So, I ran into a little unforeseen problem which was the little metal label on the back of the pants. But I was able to work around it. I measured the pockets as a guideline so that they would be centered with the pockets.



I folded the fabric and pinned to create the dart (make sure you do not pin the pocket!).


I then sewed along both pinned lines. This is how it looked after sewing.


Next, I cut off the excess fabric so that it would lay flat when wearing.


And here’s how they look now…no more gap in the waist!




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