My creation: Mama+baby+sling sleeve DIY

We went to Disneyland almost a month ago. My (then) 15 month old, loves being close to mama so I wear her in a ring sling pretty often. I’ve worn her this way since she was a few months old (especially handy when nursing!).

I walked around Disneyland with a blanket wrapped all around my daughter, tucked into the sling. This was bulky and the blanket slipped a few times in a couple of different places…even though I had it tucked in everywhere. By the time we were leaving the park, I also had my husbands sweater draped over the front of me as we were trying to keep our daughter warm and prevent her from getting sick.

My husband and I started talking about how we needed to create this blanket that goes over a sling to keep baby warm. I kept thinking some sort of mama + baby sweater would work…some sort of sleeve that you slide over both while baby is already in the sling.

Tonight, I had this vision of a quick version of a mama+baby+sling sleeve. I still plan to create a nicer, cozy, homemade version but since I’m all about refashion and repurposing, I hope this may come in handy for some of you…especially since its made out of something we all have lying around the house 🙂

So, I took my sling…Isn’t it beautiful? A friend of mine made me this when I had my daughter.


And I took this ol’ sweatshirt…

I cut off the sleeves.


My daughter decided she wanted to wear the sleeves on her head!



Next, I cut a wider neckline that would accommodate both my daughter and I (this will sit around moms chest and around her back, leaving room for babys head).


Now, sew up both sides of the sweatshirt. My sweatshirt was a 2xl so I had to take it in quite a bit. If yours is smaller (though remember it needs to fit over you and baby leaving baby enough room to breathe), you may only need to sew the armholes closed.

Put your sweet baby or toddler in your sling as usual then slide your mama+baby+sling sleeve right over both you and your little one. Since this is made out of a sweatshirt, it’s nice and warm, keeping the both of you warmer than before. When really cold outside, make sure and bring babys’ hands and feet inside of the sleeve, pulling it up over their head as well.


Stay tuned for my made from scratch creation as I will be working on this one soon! I want something cuter, warmer and of course easy to make…yet still homemade!

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