Refashion: Pretty silky dress turned into a top

I love the fabric of this dress. It’s the whole reason I bought it! However, the style and length weren’t quite my style.


I have a friend who started following my blog since day 1…I made her a cute silky top from the bottom portion of the dress.

So, I chopped the whole bottom portion of the dress, pinned and hemmed it.



Next, I created a neckline and sleeves by adding two small stitches at the top of the shirt (what was the bottom of the skirt). The skirt was wide enough that I was able to create the neckline and sleeves from the whole bottom portion instead of cutting arm holes on the sides.


Now, it’s a beautiful silky top!


Before/After pic


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3 thoughts on “Refashion: Pretty silky dress turned into a top

  1. What did you do with the top of the dress? Anything? I would think if there was enough left it would make a cute summer top!

    1. I do use the top portions for other things :). This one I haven’t refashioned yet but was thinking of making it into a tunic for my daughter.

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