My new craft room

It’s hard to believe I’ve spent the last year sewing at my build in vanity. Don’t get me wrong…it’s beautiful and my machine fit perfectly…lighting was great, especially the dimmers when my daughter fell asleep on my bed just feet away. The main thing my old sewing area lacked was a place to lay my fabric out to measure, pin, cut. I often used the floor because there isn’t much counter space.

So, today I moved in to my NEW craft room! I’m so utterly excited that I want to share my photos with all of you 🙂

A little background…I got a new sewing machine in December…my husband also bought me a dress form and tripod for my (December) birthday.

Pic of my birthday present…dress form, tripod and Uggs…plus a beautiful seafood dinner on the river. I’m spoiled!


Today, I repurposed my boys old dresser to use in my craft room. This dresser has been *hiding* in my sons closet for over a year! I painted it and filled it with plastic bins full of sewing supplies.


My husband bought me a new l-shaped table and desk at Ikea. I also bought a new thread organizer that I painted last night as well as a pink cutting mat.


I really wanted to create a fun, cozy space for my little toddler. I repurposed one of the dresser drawers making it into a small bookshelf for her. My parents had given her the butterfly rugs a while back and they seem to fit perfectly. She picked a few toys and we decided to use the pink/white basket to hold things.




My husband found a great pink bean bag chair for her…and she LOVES it!


Here’s a few more pics around the room. I really like how it’s coming together…still need to hang my peg board and a few things on the wall. Also would like some vinyl to spruce things up a bit.




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2 thoughts on “My new craft room

  1. You are just SO CREATIVE!!! Congratulations on the new room!!! LOVE the ideas you had to repurpose all of those items!!!

    1. Thank you, Angi. We are really enjoying our new space. I worked on a project last night while my daughter played, looked at books and tried on some of my to-be-refashioned clothes 🙂

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