Finally something for a little boy!

Tonight, while pondering what to make for a little toddler boy, I was clueless. I didn’t sew when my boys were little so almost everything I’ve learned to make is for girls.

So, I started looking through my fabric pieces for inspiration when I came across this men’s dress shirt. 20120210-222333.jpg

I had already cut it up to make a little girls dress…and one look at it and I was inspired to make little boy pj bottoms!

I took the sleeves and cut them off…


Laid them out and I KNEW I could make this work.


I took out several inches of stitching, lined up the fabrics to create a front and back portion, pinned and began sewing.



Lastly, I added an elastic waistband.


And I created these awesome toddler pj pants (so proud)!


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