Refashion: Toddler shirt into dress

My children always seem to outgrow the length of their clothing long before the width! Pretty ironic this happens when I’m barely 5′ myself.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try adding ruffles to the bottom of my daughters shirts that are a bit too short. So, I took this shirt, which is a size 12 mos.


My daughter is just shy of 17 mos. She has lots of shirts that still fit her but are just too short and I think I’ve solved this problem…plus, ruffles are always cute!

So I decided I would use the lining I cut out of a skirt I’ve already refashioned (way to use ALL the parts, right?!?). I set my machine on the further stitch and tension setting and sewed about 1/2″ down from the top of the skirt lining. Make sure you leave several inches of thread at the beginning and end of your stitch so that you can pull the thread to create your ruffles.


Next, I added this to the bottom of the shirt, leaving the hem of the shirt on the outside.


Then, sewed it into place.


Lastly, I folded the skirt portion under and back up inside of the dress creating a bubble skirt. I sewed this into place.


I think I may sew a piece of lace around the waistline or add a fabric flower, though I’m not sure yet.

Now, I do know what I’ll be doing with all of her little shirts that are a bit too short though!


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