For my 100th Facebook fan

I just started a fan page last month and am finally getting the hang of it. When I reached 99 fans, I decided I’d like to do a give-away for my 100th.

So, when I hit my 100th fan, I tagged her in a post telling her she won! What did she win? I hadn’t made it yet…but I have now 😉

So, I took this skirt.

I cut the lining out and flipped it upside down to create a shirt. I waited and waited till inspiration struck.

As I was reorganizing my craft room, it hit me! I wanted lace…20120224-225810.jpg

I lined it up against the new waistline of the shirt and it was the PERFECT length! I knew exactly what I wanted to do!20120224-230019.jpg


Then I started to sew.


I used the seam-ripper to create sleeves, and sewed both sides to create a large neckline.



Here’s a pic of how it turned out!


See, it pays to be a fan! Please follow me on Twitter or Pinterest at @RefashionMama or on facebook


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