From scratch: Circle shirt

So, tonight I decided to make a circle shirt. I had some pink knit fabric that’s just been lying around and I’ve seen this pinned a few times on Pinterest.

Isn’t it ironic that I write tutorials on my own refashions, yet I never follow a pattern or tutorial myself:/

I love the shirt from the blog link above so I eyeballed the shirt and decided to try it. Here’s the first top I made.


I liked it a lot! BUT I knew I could do better so I gave it another try🙂

I took this fabric and folded it in half.


Next, I folded it in half length wise and cut the ends to make them round.


I also cut out the neckline.


And made the front neckline a little deeper than the back.


Next, I threw it on my dress form and pinned to create the bodice and sleeves. Then, I sewed up both sides of the shirt on the right side of the fabric.


And now I have a really cute circle shirt!



I made 2 new shirts from scratch tonight…now that is awesome! I also made my daughter a matching one🙂


I’m now selling these beautiful shirts in adult and child sizes. Matching mommy & daughter shirts are a big hit…see pics below🙂










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18 thoughts on “From scratch: Circle shirt

    1. Jann, I do all custom orders! Everything I make is created using each individual’s measurements. This ensures that each custom shirt flatters its owner🙂

  1. You used one yard of knit fabric? Is there any other type of fabric that can be used? I’m new to sewing, so I’m still learning all the different types of of fabric that are out there. Thanks!

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