Refashion: Maternity shirt into toddler dress

I decided to go thru my bin of to-be-refashioned clothing and came across this old maternity shirt.


I cut off the bottom portion to use and envisioned an empire waist dress for my 17 month old.


I grabbed this top of hers that has some stains I can’t seem to get out.


I sewed the skirt together (my daughter is tiny so I only needed the front portion of the shirt but you could easily use the whole bottom portion).


I chopped off the sleeves (stained) and bottom half of the shirt.


I sewed the shirt to the skirt.



I cut off the old shirt sleeves and resized them to add to the dress.



Added a bow to the back of the dress.


Lastly, I needed to cover the stains on the front of the shirt. I opted for ruffles! So I took a piece of the old shirt and made a stitch down the middle (widest/furthest stitch settings), making sure to leave long threads on the ends. Then I pulled the treads to ruffle.



And here’s her new dress!


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One thought on “Refashion: Maternity shirt into toddler dress

  1. Sometimes I have a hard time ‘seeing’ something else in an article of clothing…you know…a blouse is a blouse, a dress is a dress. I love how you ‘saw’ something totally different. 🙂 I bet your daughter loves her new dress!!

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