From scratch: New Pyramid shirt

I was up late sewing as usual and really wanted to get this new design out of my head and onto some fabric to make a new top. I also just got a huge shipment of new knits that I wanted to play around with 🙂

So, I started with this piece of orange fabric, holding in half (this is a 60″ wide knit).


I cut it in half


Next, I took both pieces right sides together and folded in half to cut my pattern. I pinned starting under the sleeves going further in all of the way down to the bottom of the shirt. Then I cut with my rotary cutter and cut out the neckline.



It should be MUCH wider on the top than the bottom (like an upside-down pyramid or inverted triangle). Note: I ended up having to take a lot more in on both sides of my top after trying it on the first time!


Then, I sewed the top shoulder areas, leaving the neckline open. I also sewed up the sides.



This is how it looks with an unfinished bottom hem.


I decided I wanted to add a strip to the bottom of my new Pyramid top to create a nice bottom hem. I folded up the bottom of the shirt and created this strip by adding two topstitches.




NEW Pyramid top


And I always LOVE trying on my new designs :). Sorry about the color being off but it was after midnight and I didn’t want to wake my little family with my sewing therapy!


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2 thoughts on “From scratch: New Pyramid shirt

  1. This is really cute. My daughter just showed me a top similar to this in a store and said she wanted one. I will have to make this for her, instead of buying one that a zillion other people have! Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Definitely make one! I started with a yard but used way less for mine (I have a small frame). She’ll have an original that everyone else will want 🙂

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