Refashion: Sweater turned into pencil skirt

I took a couple days off of sewing to attend my boys sports. My older son is playing baseball while his brother is playing basketball right now. And our toddler loves every second of it (she’s been watching their sporting events since birth!).

My daughter not only loves soccer, but now decided she also loves basketball since seeing it for the first time! Isn’t she cute?!?!


Well, back to my refashion…I took a sweater my mom was taking to donate to DI (I always go thru her bags first).


The sweater was already a pretty good fit so I knew I could keep the original side seams. I cut off the sleeves.


Then, chopped off the neckline.


I turned it inside out and cut a slight curve on each side (removing the old arm holes).


And this is my new pencil skirt!


Just added: I just took the sleeves from the sweater to create a new waistband. Chopped off the length and sewed the sleeves together.



Pinned the new waistband around the top of the skirt before I began sewing.



And here’s the final product – completely refashioned sweater turned into a cute new skirt!



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5 thoughts on “Refashion: Sweater turned into pencil skirt

    1. Woven decor, I actually just hemmed the top because its pretty fitted…but I’m thinking of using the sleeves to create a waistband :). Will update once I do it.

  1. Sorry, this isn’t about the skirt. I pinned your hemming jeans blog, but now I can’t get to the link. Any suggestions?

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