Refashion: Mens shirt into dolman tee

I pinned this quite a while back and remembered it when someone asked me to refashion a mens t-shirt recently. I love her refashions…very talented!

So, I’ve gone a bit crazy with it and I’ve made 5 shirts in the last 2 days :). It’s a fairly simple refashion, tapering the sleeves, widening the neckline and gathering the bottom sides. It seriously makes the cutest tops!

Some before & after photos (before literally = a plain mens t-shirt)…

Plain old’ tee


Another tee I “permanently borrowed” from my husband


Big old’ tee I bought at Goodwill today

And after


I’ll add the other Goodwill tee soon as my photostream kicks in and I can view the pic 😉

This is the tee that inspired me when it’s owner asked me to refashion it into a cute top for her!

And the after


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