Refashion: Frumpy workout pants to a more flattering pair

I just started working out and my workout attire is a bit embarrassing! I look very frumpy and feel uncomfortable with it.

So, I took these workout pants


Eyed them to see how much I needed to take in on each side and pinned away


Then I started sewing. I prefer to see before I cut (especially bc I hardly ever measure anything or myself)!


I ended up doing two stitches side by side since these pants will be forced into walking, jogging, step n pump, Zumba and yoga…they need to be durable!


Yay, I made them the right size even without measuring 😉


I ended up serging these as well in hopes that they will survive my torturous exercise adventures!


And here they are! Took me 5 minutes to change the cut/style and resize these. I wore them tonight to step n pump and had no problem with them sliding down!


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