Refashion: Tank and cute scrap fabric

Tonight I wanted to make a cute new tank to wear since the weathers been sl nice. I have a ton of scrap fabric with beautiful prints from ring slings and other projects I’ve made.

I took 2 squares of 20″x20″ of this beautiful scrap fabric.


I grabbed a stretchy navy tank out of my drawer o’tanks (I literally have 50+ tank tops).


I created a bit of gathering to the front center of the tank by using the widest stitch possible then pulling the ends of the thread to gather.


Next, I took my 2 squares with the right sides facing (gathering at the top) and sewed down both sides.


I hemmed the bottom all the way around by folding over twice and using a straight stitch.


Next, I cut the tank and sewed it to the bottom half of my new top.



I created this tank long so that I could wear it as a tunic with leggings or just as a cute top. I think the print will also go well with jeans (my every day attire).


I’ll be wearing this tomorrow (like I always do with new clothes I make!). Follow me on Twitter or Pinterest @RefashionMama or on facebook


4 thoughts on “Refashion: Tank and cute scrap fabric

    1. Redneckymommy, this fabric is from JoAnns. I bought it quite a while back so I’m unsure if they still carry it (I haven’t seen it again). I only have a very small piece left, maybe enough to make a dress/top bodice piece for a toddler. What size do you wear? I’m open to selling most of my creations so if you’re interested to buying this original feel free to email me at The tank portion is very stretchy (size small but fits 36D) and the waist/hips portion of the tunic is 40″ wide.

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