Refashion: Using your scraps to make a chic top

I really liked how my first scrap refashion came out so I decided to do another. This one, I used the bottom portion of the same tank top and another piece of scrap fabric.


I measured around my chest and cut elastic for above my bustline as well as underneath. I cut my fabric piece larger than my measurements so that I could use the elastic to gather. I then created a folded hem on the top portion and lower portion of the cotton fabric, leaving enough room to feed the elastic through.



Next, I pinned and sewed together both long ends to create a tube top for the top portion of the shirt.



After, I pinned the top portion to the bottom half of the old tank top and sewed this together, keeping the cotton gathered fabric exposed.



Then, I cut and hemmed arm holes (I’m petite and I cut 7″ to create the arm hole).


And here’s how it turned out! There’s a few options on how to wear it since the neckline is elastic.



Tried it on and I love it!


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