From scratch: Maxi skirt

I’ve been pinning a ton of tutorials on maxi skirts to see how others make them. I’m not sure why but I just prefer to keep mine with one back seam using one large piece of fabric instead of using two pieces and having two side seams.

So, I’m short…we’ve discussed this before as I’m only 5′ tall. For my own DIY maxi skirt I used just under 1 yard of knit (60″ wide) fabric.

Since the fabric was 60″ wide, I cut off 10″ from the width for my waistband.

I then used my longest widest stitch settings to sew a straight line along the top of the new skirt. Make sure to leave both the beginning and end threads extra long as you’ll need them to gather.

After doing the straight stitch, tug at the thread strings to gather the top of the skirt. Once it’s gathered, make sure the gathering is evenly spread. Now, sew down the back seam creating your skirt. 20120527-004619.jpg

Next, sew your new waistband into a tube, slide it over the top of your skirt with the right sides together, align the top of the skirt with the waistband and pin into place.

Now, attach the waistband with a straight stitch.



I prefer a wider waistband so that I can fold it over (though a thinner waistband works just as well!). Now, admire your work!



Gallery of maxi skirts I’ve made.

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19 thoughts on “From scratch: Maxi skirt

    1. Juanita, with most knits you don’t have to hem because they don’t fray. You can cut to the length you want and just leave the hem raw. Thats what I did for my skirts.

    2. Aloha Juanita. My daughter wanted her skirt hemmed, even though I tried and tried to convince her otherwise — just me being lazy is all 🙂 Personally I loathe working with knit, but I soldiered through. 🙂 For the hem I put a wide, closely spaced zigzag stitch all around the raw edge BEFORE folding/pinning up a good 1″ hem and sewing in place. A quick press of the iron and done. With woven fabric I would usually tuck the raw edge under, but like previously commented, knits don’t tend to fray, so I did the zigzag around the raw cut edge first just to help it to lay flat when I worked/pined/sewed up the hem. The way the raw edges roll on knits just kills me! 🙂

  1. Oh I just had a thought – how about making the bottom part in light weight cotton and the waistband with knitted material – for summer!

  2. you are the greatest person to know. How do you figure out all the short ways to sew I love it. Wish I could get your pattern for the T shirt tops from old t shirts. aslo the one dress from a pillow case looked great also. Thanks

  3. Thanks for posting this skirt tutorial! It inspired me to make my own blk & white tribal maxi skirt which turned out awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I love this skirt and want to make some for myself and my daughters. P’m new to sewing, but you’ve made this look so easy that I am going to attempt it. I do have one question though, for the waist band do you fold it in half length wise before sewing it into a tube so there is a fold at the top of the skirt or do you leave the top of the skirt raw?

    1. It looks like she left the top raw and folded it down. You can also fold the waist band in half and sew both raw edges to the top of the skirt. It just depends on the look you want.

  5. Question? I am six foot tall so would I just add an extra foot to the amount of fabric I need? I am brand new to sewing so sorry if this is a ridiculous question.

  6. Ok, so i am trying to make my maxi skirt, and when i did the long and wide stitching to gather at the top, the gathering came undone.
    Either what am i doig wrong, or what can i do to help get it back to where it is supposed to be?

    Thanks!! Can’t wait to see ny skirt!!

  7. How did you to the top part of the light blue skirt featured above? I love how easy this tutorial is but I’d love to make one with a top like that blue!

  8. Hi There
    How wide did you cute to top band in comparison to your hips? And it’s 10″ deep, that’s to fold over and is left unfinished?

    Thanks, excited to sew!

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