Regular old jeans into red skinnies

I made my boys a ton of skinny jeans last year out of their cousins hand-me-downs. The boys wore them out and the ones with some life left in them are now far too short for their growing legs! So, I asked if they wanted me to make some more (I’ve had a pile of 10s and 12s staring quietly at me in the corner of my craft room for quite some time).

I figured this would be my opportunity to finally try that packet of dye I bought months ago. The boys were ecstatic that I was going to make them RED SKINNY JEANS!!!

So, I took these two pairs of loose fit jeans (1 pair of Faded Glory and the other Old Navy).


It took me 3x to finally resort to bleaching them in a bucket! I love my HE washer but had no clue I couldn’t bleach in there :). So, I finally bleached them in a big old’ bucket and one pair got very white, while the other didn’t turn as light.


I then ran a rinse cycle on my washing machine. Next, I prepared the Rit Scarlet (red) dye and threw it in the washing machine with both pairs of jeans (and a refashioned mens tee I wanted to dye).


I was a bit disappointed with how light they turned out (but love my new tee this color!). I figured I needed to buy more dye which I’ll probably do now. But I’m too impatient of a person to wait to share!



Next, I washed them as indicated on the dye packet. They got a bit lighter.


But I was excited anyway as this was my first ever dye job…so hooray! I decided to continue and make my boys their skinny jeans. So, I sewed up the side of each leg (inside out).


Then, cut off the excess.


I’m still going to do some top stitching with my denim thread but need my boys to try them on first. But now they have some red skinnies (that I’ll dye darker very very soon!)!!!


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2 thoughts on “Regular old jeans into red skinnies

  1. Love this! I do have a question though. What do you do once you get to the pockets? I need to do the same to some of my shorts, and i cant quite figure this part out. Thanks so much, love all your things i have seen so far!

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