Refashion: T-shirt to toddler dress

I bought this brand-new Tinkerbell t-shirt at Goodwill for $2. It’s a ladies xl but I knew I could make something for my 21 month old daughter.


I folded it in half and cut up both sides, chopping off the sleeves.


I resized the neckline to fit my toddler.


Chopped off the length on the bottom.


And now she has a new dress.



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4 thoughts on “Refashion: T-shirt to toddler dress

  1. I love this and would love to do it, myself. I’ve got some great ‘old school’ tees from my younger years that would be adorable and cool on my little girls in dress-form. I’m not very experienced with transforming articles of clothing, though. Most of this makes sense to me, but I’m not sure how to “re-size the neckline”. How do you do that part? Thanks!

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