Refashion: My type of t-shirt

People often ask me what to do with old t-shirts. I’m not really a t-shirt type gal, but I do have some in my closet. This is an easy, no sew refashion that’ll take literally only minutes and make any t-shirt a bit cuter than before!


First, chop off the neckline. I think one of the reasons I don’t care much for t-shirts is because of the neckline. It’s so high and unflattering on me (plus it doesn’t work for us nursing moms!).



My 2nd (un)favorite part of a t-shirt is the hem on the sleeves. It’s unnecessary since knit won’t fray and I prefer a raw edge. So, I chop this off 🙂


Since I hate the hem on the sleeves, you know I don’t care for the bottom hem either! So, I chop it off too!


Lastly, I put my arms inside and I stretch the neckline, sleeves and bodice. This will allow the raw edge to roll slightly, which is the look I’m going for 🙂


Now, try it on…I’ll betcha it’s cuter than it was before!


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