From scratch: Matching mommy & toddler dresses (with tutorial)

I bought this knit fabric a while back for $4/yard. With the 2 yards I bought, I made a dress for my daughter and I. This fabric was 60″ wide and is a knit.

I cut about 18″ off to create my daughters dress. Because the fabric was 60″, I kept the fabric folded on top, folded the fabric lengthwise and cut my pattern using one of her onesies as a guide.




Here’s how it looked once it was cut.



Next, I turned it inside out and sewed up both sides using an overcasting stitch.


Flipped it back right side out and here’s her new dress…super simple!


Apparently, I added a bit too much to my seam allowance as the dress is a wee bit big for my 21 month old but I had her model it anyway :). I’ll take it in a bit on both sides and shorten the length before we wear it tomorrow.



I didn’t take pictures when I made my own but I followed the same steps as when I made my daughters dress. It’s also very similar to my other post scraps to dress, but I kept the length on the front and back to reach the floor.



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