From scratch: scraps to dress

I had this piece of fabric left over from a ring sling I made a while back. It was 30″ wide and 2 yards long.


I knew I didn’t have enough fabric to make a long dress but figured I could make a mullet skirt bottom (is that what it’s called?!?!)

I folded my fabric over length wise, leaving the front side about a foot shorter to create the mullet skirt. I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture of this!

I laid one of my tank tops down on top of the fabric and cut my pattern. I cut the neckline and arm holes.


Next, I folded my new dress in half lengthwise to make sure it was even and to trim the skirt to the right width.


Next, I folded my dress so that I could cut the front neckline deeper.




Then, I turned the dress inside out and sewed down both sides of my new dress using an overcasting stitch.


I turned my dress right side out and laid it flat to cut my mullet ;). I folded it where the front right was folded over the front left side so that I could cut the front separately from the backside.



Tried it on and took a few pics.




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