From scratch: Poppy top or dress

Here’s an easy yet super cute top or dress to make! I found this on Pinterest quite a while back. I made my own version of it and absolutely LOVE the top!

Here’s some pics of poppy tops I’ve made.






I decided I’d like to make a poppy dress. So I took just over a yard of 60″ knit fabric, folded it in half so that it hung 30″ down for the length of the dress (just over a yard wide). The width of the dress or shirt is purely preference. I’ve made tops under a yard wide which makes the sleeves shorter but I prefer the sleeves to be longer.

I folded the fabric in half lengthwise.


I measured 11″ down from the top of the fabric to determine where to cut my sleeves. I love huge sleeves! I cut in 10″ from the side of the fabric to create the sleeves and then cut down to create the bodice of the dress.


I cut a wide neckline.


This is how it should look after cutting each part.


Now, flip it inside out and sew the bottom side of the sleeves and the side seams of your new dress.


And you have yourself a new dress!



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7 thoughts on “From scratch: Poppy top or dress

  1. Hi love the poppy shirt your version of it, but I would like to know if you cut two pieces for the shirt?.

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