Refashion: T-shirt to new two-toned dress

A friend of mine sent me a navy t-shirt and I went searching for the perfect mustard color knit fabric to create a dress. I searched high and low to find the perfect shade. I literally searched local stores and ordered 3 separate times online to find the perfect color. So, I now have several yellow knits to do something with!

I stumbled across PurpleSeamstress Fabric and she had the absolute perfect shade of yellow I had been looking for. Go visit her online store…it is heaven for all of us knit fans! Her fabric is amazing…great shades and patterns and amazing quality! I warned her that I’ll be ordering often, blogging about her and sending everyone her way! She is seriously awesome!

So, I bought this mustard knit from her.


Placed it next to the navy t-shirt and the shade was perfect!


I created a wrap around style skirt with the fabric and a matching sash/belt. I cannot wait till my friend receives it! I hope she loves it!


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3 thoughts on “Refashion: T-shirt to new two-toned dress

    1. Angela, I’ve made lots of different skirts and dresses using only one or two pattern pieces. With this one, I decided to try making a faux wrap skirt with 3 pattern pieces. I cut one piece for the back of the skirt and 2 pieces for the front (one wraps over the other). I think I may need to draw up the pattern to fully explain :). I sewed the front pieces (one on each side) to the back pieces, then wrapped one front piece around (stitched in place) then the other across the first. I sewed that one in place (about 2″ down the side).

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