Maternity/nursing wear

Boy, how I wish I had sewn back when I was pregnant! I could have looked so much cuter than the beached whale I ended up resembling (just kidding! I loved being pregnant with my cute baby bump…well, loved it the first time…not so much the next!)

Anyway, I have a friend who’s super cute preggo so I’ve been making some maternity clothes (also nursing accessible). This of course leads me to challenging myself with making even more items. And as most of you know, I make everything custom made to each persons measurements.

The best part is that ALL of my dressers can be worn before, during & after pregnancy! They are made from stretchy knit fabrics that accommodate a growing belly, yet still be very flattering on a new mom 🙂

Just wanted to share some pictures of the dresses I’ve designed & made.

Midnight blue drapey knit dress

Black knit wrap dress

Side view of wrap dress (shown as maternity)

Wrap dress
br />
This one is a shirt refashion turned into a dress

Another view of my shirt refashion into maternity/nursing dress

Midnight blue dress with flowy sleeves (shown as non-maternity)

Last pic because I LOVE how this dress turned out!


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