How to make a v-neckline

I love raw unhemmed edges, but some fabric calls for a finished hemline. I realized this shirt needed a finished neckline to complete the look!


I won’t pretend that this is the proper way to finish a v-neckline, but this is the way I do one. It is fairly simple too!

As you can see, I cut a moderate v-neckline on the shirt. I took the excess fabric and measured around the neckline for length. I cut a 2″ strip of the extra fabric.


I folded it in half lengthwise.


Next, I folded it in half again, this time against the width instead of length.


I took the folded end and sewed a diagonal stitch to create the v at the middle of the neckline. Make sure that the fabric fold is opposite to the point in the v.



Cut off the excess fabric.


Now, open it to see the v shape! Make sure that the open end of the fabric is at the bottom.


Next, pin the strip to the shirt making sure that the right sides of the fabric are facing. Start pinning at the v and go all the way around.





Now, sew or surge these pieces together, going all the way around the neckline.


Lastly, top stitch around the entire neckline to help it lay flat and look more professional.


Now, admire your work!


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