Vintage-Patch review & giveaway

If you follow me, you know I live in jeans! I wear them (almost) every day and easily own 20 pairs, with 5 or 6 being my regulars! And just like most girls, I have 1 pair that is my ABSOLUTE favorite and I’ve worn them out over the last few of years. In fact, what started as a thinned out area over my left knee, soon became a small tear that ripped more and more and ended up stretching across my entire knee. I posted on my facebook blog page asking for suggestions on how to fix/cover the hole. I received several great suggestions from buying denim to patch it or adding lace underneath to dress it up. I would love to try the lace option but I honestly haven’t had the time to figure it out.

Then, I was contacted by Vintage-Patch offering to send me a pair of their beautiful vintage patches to try & review. I jumped at the offer as it was the best option for me…pre made, pre-cut, sticky on the back, option to sew (or not). Also, after looking at her fabric options, i was even more excited! How could I say no?!?

So, I received the patches in the mail and she even sent extras so I could try a couple and do a giveaway.


I took my most beloved jeans with the big hole in the knee…


Picked out my fav patch.


See this pretty vintage patch?


Following the directions it came with, I removed the backing and pressed it on, ironing it in place.


My fav jeans + vintage-patch <;;;;;;;;;3


I hand-stitched around the patch.


I’ve worn my favorite jeans several times now to see how the patch held up. It’s awesome! It’s definitely doing its job and looking quite lovely at the same time!


They just launched their new Vintage-Patch website where you can view/order knee and elbow patches with your choice of fabric. Check it out and view all of the options 🙂

So…who wants to WIN A FREE SET OF VINTAGE PATCHES to try on their own?!? Enter the giveaway at Vintage-Patch Giveaway

6 thoughts on “Vintage-Patch review & giveaway

  1. I have a ? about a previous post about altering the (high) waistband on jeans. I read where you took them in at the crotch? Were they baggy there? The cord pants fit perfect, but the waist is too high for me, being so shortwaisted. I wouldn’t be able to take them in, at the crotch to “shorten” the waistband, correct? Cause they fit okay there.

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