I’m back!

I keep telling myself that 2013 will be my year to start really writing. I’ll concentrate more on my blog and open up to my followers to bring them what they’re here for. I’ll do more tutorials, more refashions, add some fashion advice and share my thrift finds…because these are all things I love and would like to share.

So, what would you like to see from me this year? New tutorials? More refashions…I know I haven’t done many recently?! Would you like me to add some fashion advice, finds and opinions? What about thrift finds because you know when I’m not making my own clothing, I’m buying my items from awesome recycled/thrift/consignment stores…would you be interested in seeing what I buy and what I spent? In all honestly, I’m a thrifty girl…I don’t spend a lot on anything I buy. I love to score a cute cardigan for $6 or my favorite Sevens for $30 (and you know I’ll be hemming them to share with you!!!). I’d love to share with you all of the awesome stores I visit and how much (or little) I spent!

And what about my love of fabric? Anyone interested in seeing the some times beautiful, some times hole on the wall fabric stores I find? I definitely LOVE to shop especially for fabric! I’d love to maybe even put together my own map of fabric stores I’ve visited, which could become quite extensive once my husband and I start to travel even further to visit the amazing stores around the world. We are starting to plan a trip to L.A. Fashion District and then I’d love to visit New York! Where else should we travel? Please share any fabric stores you know of and I just may visit!


We are buying a new house and I’m very excited to set up my new sewing studio! I have a board on Pinterest just for inspiration for it! I need more storage space for my fabric and more counter space for my machines…more cutting space and better organization of all of my supplies.

I am so very excited to also tell all of you that we will be setting up a separate photo studio to take more professional photos of my creations. My husband is currently sitting here next to me reading photography blogs while adjusting the settings on his camera. He will be doing all of the photography for my boutique very soon! I’m also hoping he will start writing a bit on here about his new photography journey.

2012 was a wonderful year…I started my blog in Dec 2011 as just a personal journal to log my refashions. Then my “keeping the original hem” post went crazy on Pinterest! On January 13, 2012, I had over 60,000 views on the post! This motivated me to start really sharing my sewing adventures. By the end of February, I had friends and friends of friends asking me to make them some of the items I had posted tutorials on. I took orders here and there over the next several months and by October, I realized I HAD to open my boutique page. Since then, I’ve been very very busy with sewing and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Coming back to today…EXACTLY 1 year from the day my blog exploded ;). I’ve had writers block over the last couple of weeks and each day started with me thinking “today I’ll start writing on my blog”…and then I couldn’t get 1 word out. I’m hoping that block is over and this is the start of a new year of writing and sharing my sewing passion with each of you! I know I’m a bit late, but Happy New Year…here’s to a GREAT 2013!



3 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. With all you have going on and what you plan on doing, I’m sure you will post more this year than last! I can’t wait to read all about it!! I’m definitely interested in tutorials and refashions (what about maternity refashions?! Oh, yes please)!!

  2. Hi, I’m just starting out with your blog & I’m hoping to get some good pointers. I really liked your idea for shortening the jeans. Can’t wait to read more.

  3. I would love to see the places you find fabric–a map would be awesome!! You will love the LA Fabric district—be sure to go to the Michael Miller outlet across the street from the original store—upstairs they sell fabric by the pound!!

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