For the love of scarves

Before I starting making scarves, I never really wore them. I had one small fleece scarf from Old Navy and another heavier one with a matching beanie from Coach. I wore them every once in a while to soccer games or on a cold evening out.

Then, someone requested an infinity scarf on RefashionMama Boutique and I started selling infinity scarves. And thus I began wearing scarves too! Here’s a few of my favorites I’ve made.

Black & White damask

Kelly green stretch lace

Peacock print


Blue ombré zebra print

Since scarves have snuck their way into my everyday wardrobe, I now notice them everywhere and especially how they’re tied! I saw this cute way of braiding your scarf & had to pin it!

I also saw this scarf around a bun on Pinterest which would work well with all of my smaller silk scarves that just lay around collecting dust in my closet.

My favorite video tutorial on tying scarves is currently 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 mins. I love being able to see someone else tie it so I can understand better than just reading a description of how to.

Now, I think it’s time to start making some new scarves so I can wear them all of these different ways ;). Feel free to link other how to’s here to share your scarf tying knowledge!


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