Sewing tip: When your machine just wants to eat up your knits

I love knits! I honestly prefer sewing with knits over any other fabric. People look at me crazy when I say that. Yes, knits can take some time getting use to, but in my experience, they are also the most forgiving when it comes to fit!

When I first started sewing, I’d grab something from my closet and cut it up to refashion. Knits were my go-to since I didn’t use patterns and I could just guess my way through sizing. Now I have a better understanding of fabric and sizing and I still LOVE knits!

With that being said, I have found some knits to be finicky and at times my machine has tried to eat them! Okay, maybe she’s not trying to eat them, but she sure acts like it 🙂

I have my stretch needles in, my tension set, everything in order but some times it just won’t happen. But I discovered this magical little thing…


Well, I tried this little trick, placing tissue paper under the fabric as I sewed…even used a stretch double needle to hem a tunic and not once did my Bernina try to eat the fabric!



So, I thought why not share this little trick with all of you. I know you can buy stabilizer at the sewing store but why spend money on that when you can buy a packet of tissue paper anywhere for 99 cents?!?

Give it a try! Seriously, just lay the tissue paper under your fabric and sew through just like it’s another layer of fabric! Pull the tissue off after your finished and you have a beautiful stitch!


4 thoughts on “Sewing tip: When your machine just wants to eat up your knits

  1. Oh, darn! I wish I would have read this yesterday, I make little stuffed dolls for all of my grandkids and ‘adopted’ grandkids birthdays. I was trying to do a knit one out of an old tshirt yesterday, running late,with my daughter and ‘real’ grandkids here with the flu! Oh well, it sure will help next time! Thank you for all the good tips! Happy sewing!

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