So I read an awesome article online about a clothing company called American Giant. They’re out of the Bay Area and as far as I can tell only make men’s clothing. They have a very industrial vibe. Definitely a “man’s man” kind of deal. In the article (you can read it here) the owner talks about how his dad gave him a sweatshirt back in the 50’s that he still owns today, cause that’s the way things were made back then. It was supposed to last you forever or at least until you got drafted. So the whole company is about making stuff so well you can pass it down to your kids. Genius! I liked the idea so much that I tried ordering one of their zip hoodies. Only I couldn’t. Why? Cause they’re so backed up with sales! I had to fill out a pre-order form instead and then they’re supposed to call me in a few days. They’re actually going to call me…whaaaat?! Just goes to show that people still want quality and are willing to pay for it.
Summer and I were thinking along those lines when we recently upgraded her machines. She had been sewing with a Brother cs6000i that she got for Christmas back in 2011 and also a New Home (now known as Janome) that was about 20 years old. Her serger belonged to her mom and was about 25 years old. I think the brand was called White and I’m not sure they make them anymore.
We upgraded the serger first and went with a BabyLock Imagine. Its got that ridiculously awesome feature known as air threading. It’s been really great so far and Summer seems to love it. The sewing machine is a Bernina 330, also great. Summer is currently taking courses for each machine at the same place we bought them in order to learn all their idiosyncrasies. These babies weren’t cheap but thanks to the fact that we’ve managed to more-or-less avoid debt, don’t really eat out and both our cars were made during the last century we were able squeeze out just enough to get them. Some killer sales and scoring the floor model for the BabyLock didn’t hurt either. Anyway, that’s it for now. Ill let you know when I get my zip-hoodie!



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