Sofia Verano

Hello Ladies!  Introducing, Sofia Verano!  A new fashion line inspired by each and every one of YOU.  It’s been a few months in the making but I’m so excited that launch day is finally here and I hope you all love it.  Sofia Verano represents everything I hope to bring to the world as a seamstress and designer.  It also represents my commitment to all of you, since without you, this would still just be a dream.  I depend 100% on all you ladies to determine which outfits work and which don’t.  For that reason I’ll continue giving personal attention whenever I can because I love being able to communicate with all of you on a daily basis and I believe it’s something that truly sets Sofia Verano apart.  So now that you know the name, let me tell you about some awesome new features so we can get started.

Along with the addition of a brand name, soon everything I create will come with a one of a kind, “Made For” label.  Like everything else I do, I wanted my labels to reflect the beautiful ladies wearing my designs not just me. These labels will further guarantee that every outfit I produce is as unique and special as the person wearing it. The label will include only a first name to avoid any privacy issues.

You’ll notice my new photo album displaying my “Ready to Wear” items that will, in addition to still being made custom to your measurements, will also be sold in general sizes. I will continue taking custom orders for these items, however, now you also have the option to pick a general size with the advantage that it will ship within two days guaranteed!  At the moment I’m limiting the items in this section to only a few until I see what the demand is like to make sure I can keep up. Note: These items will not impact the 3-4 week waiting period I currently have for custom made orders.  However, you can choose to add one of these items to your existing custom order when it’s complete and they would go out together with no additional shipping charges applied.



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