Things I made tonight

Tonight, I worked on several different items, completed and posted a few of them as well.

Yellow & grey maxi skirt


Cute cloth mini purse in Batman print


And last but not least…I made some toddler pj bottoms with a matching purse


What a cute gift this would make!


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Little cutie in her new circle shirt

I just had to share this little cutie in her circle shirt! Wish my daughter would model like this 😉

Happy 2nd birthday, lil cutie! Thanks to her mama for capturing & sharing these pics. Can’t wait to see her in her pretty birthday dress!





Guess what I made

Since these items were so fun to make and everyone loves Batman, let’s play a game! I can’t show/tell you what I made yet since this is a gift. So, guess what I made!?!?





Batman cape!


Pj pants


And a toddler size pillow


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Circle Shirt SALE

Circle shirts are my most popular item…followed closely by my handcrafted ring slings!

My favorite circle shirt is this yellow floral one I made. It’s very stretchy and comfy and because I made it using my own measurements, it fits perfectly, hiding my flaws and accenting the right features.


I even made my daughter a matching one!


My circle shirts are normally $32-36 plus shipping. Starting Wednesday 8/29, all circle shirts will be discounted to $22 for xs-l and $26 for plus size. Toddler and children sizes will be $16-18/each.

PLUS, take an additional $2 off EACH shirt ordered when you post a link to my circle shirt sale on your facebook timeline AND pin this post to Pinterest OR repost via Twitter. Make sure to tag/mention me (@RefashionMama) so that I can verify your discount 🙂

If you do all of the above, your custom made circle shirt will be only $20 ($24 for plus size) plus shipping ($5 priority mail anywhere in U.S. flat rate even if you buy multiple items). Add a matching toddler/child’s shirt for only $14-16…it’s like getting your daughters shirt free! There is no limit, though some fabric is limited and I may only be able to make one shirt from a specific fabric.

To view available fabric, please go to Flickr

Order through my facebook or email your order to Sale ends Monday, September 3 at midnight PST.

All of my designs are created for each individual, using the clients measurements to create a custom made shirt that is tailored just for them! For this very reason, all sales are final and no refunds will be made. Please do private message me if you are at all unsatisfied as my business thrives on referrals and I love happy clients.
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Refashion: Maternity skirt to toddler dress

Today, I refashioned this Old Navy maternity skirt.


First, I took my toddlers measurements and figured out how much to take off of each side.




Next, I sewed each side, creating the new dress.



I then took the extra fabric pieces and cut off a section of the crochet part.


Perfect size for straps!


I pinned and sewed the straps into place.


I made this cute little toddler dress completely recycled from that old maternity skirt 😉

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From scratch: quick n easy leggings from scraps

I have a lot of leftover fabric from all of my sewing projects. I keep it to try mini versions of my projects or to make my daughter things.

Tonight, I took this purple knit fabric out.


Folded it in half lengthwise and cut to create pant legs.



Sewed down both sides and in between the legs.


Folded over the very top of the waist to create a casing to add elastic.


Put a safety pin through one end of the elastic and slide it through the casing opening. Then, sew the elastic ends together.



Took about 5 minutes and now my daughter has a new pair of pants.


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From scratch: Matching mommy & toddler dresses (with tutorial)

I bought this knit fabric a while back for $4/yard. With the 2 yards I bought, I made a dress for my daughter and I. This fabric was 60″ wide and is a knit.

I cut about 18″ off to create my daughters dress. Because the fabric was 60″, I kept the fabric folded on top, folded the fabric lengthwise and cut my pattern using one of her onesies as a guide.




Here’s how it looked once it was cut.



Next, I turned it inside out and sewed up both sides using an overcasting stitch.


Flipped it back right side out and here’s her new dress…super simple!


Apparently, I added a bit too much to my seam allowance as the dress is a wee bit big for my 21 month old but I had her model it anyway :). I’ll take it in a bit on both sides and shorten the length before we wear it tomorrow.



I didn’t take pictures when I made my own but I followed the same steps as when I made my daughters dress. It’s also very similar to my other post scraps to dress, but I kept the length on the front and back to reach the floor.



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