Stunning couple in their custom Sofia Verano clothing

I’m so very happy to share this gorgeous couples photo with you! Peggy stopped by my boutique one day looking around & mentioned she was looking for a sage dress for a special event coming up. I asked if she could drop by the next day so I could give her a swatch of my sage fabric and she did so we created this custom dress to be paired with her beautiful crochet piece. Doug was still looking for the perfect linen set so gave me a challenge to create my first custom mens collared shirt & pant set…I won’t lie…this was something I wasn’t positive I could do! Now much to my delight, I was both amazed & relieved when he tried it on & it was perfect!   See post here
Thank you so very much for having such faith in me & allowing me to create your fabulous pieces custom for you, Peggy & Doug! I am so very excited to share your gorgeous photos! ❤️


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