Nipntuck…to my clothes, not ME!

Not gonna lie…I love a little nip & tuck to ready made clothes in my closet! About 75% of my closet is #handcrafted #handmade but I still love to shop! I was a bit disappointed when these came & were too baggy in the leg especially around my ankles. 

Started to take these in then decided I wanted to share!

 1 leg shows original cut, the other shows the first alteration I started 

But don’t despair…a little #nipntuck to take these in totally did ’em right and I can wear them now!

 Woo hoo! Do you follow my blog? #refashionmama #sewing #leggings #refashion #alterations #lovetosew  


Stunning couple in their custom Sofia Verano clothing

I’m so very happy to share this gorgeous couples photo with you! Peggy stopped by my boutique one day looking around & mentioned she was looking for a sage dress for a special event coming up. I asked if she could drop by the next day so I could give her a swatch of my sage fabric and she did so we created this custom dress to be paired with her beautiful crochet piece. Doug was still looking for the perfect linen set so gave me a challenge to create my first custom mens collared shirt & pant set…I won’t lie…this was something I wasn’t positive I could do! Now much to my delight, I was both amazed & relieved when he tried it on & it was perfect!   See post here
Thank you so very much for having such faith in me & allowing me to create your fabulous pieces custom for you, Peggy & Doug! I am so very excited to share your gorgeous photos! ❤️

New boutique opening in Midtown Sacramento!!!

Sofia Verano will be moving in & opening our doors to the public on Sunday, March 1st in midtown Sacramento!!! 

Sofia Verano Clothing is all handcrafted, custom-made women’s clothing. We specialize in cute, yet comfy knitwear that’s easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. My husband and I run the business together and make each piece by hand from pattern to sizing to finish.

Come join us at our Grand Opening this Sunday, March 1st from 11am-4pm. Located inside Midtown Collective at 1914 P Street, Midtown Sacramento.

Watch us on Good Day Sacramento here: Sofia Verano on Good Day Sacramento
Feel free to browse our page at Facebook

What do you do when you no longer wear

Change it!

So I made myself this maxi about a year & a half ago but I have so many maxis now!


So decided to lay it out flat and cut some leggings out of it. It was the perfect amount of fabric too.


So I’m rockin’ my refashioned maxi into leggings today!


Check out my boutique at Sofia Verano on fb

Introducing the NEW Sofi Childrens Clothing Line

I am so very excited to introduce the NEW Sofi Childrens Clothing Line! This has been something I’ve wanted to add to our boutique for quite a while. A good friend gave me some motivation to move forward on it and it is now live!

So let’s hear it for cute, comfy & practical childrens wear ❤








Men’s tee

What goes into a men’s tee? What do you look for when finding the perfect fit?

I’ve always made women’s clothing, it’s just what I do. It comes very naturally to me. But I’m also always trying to push my own limits and in doing so, I’ve made some fun pieces for my daughter.

So, my husband has always said he’d love some tees in our super soft knits. They are really comfy! His biggest pet peeve is the sleeve length and mine is the uncomfortable ribbing on the neckline…so we lengthened the sleeves and went without the traditional neckline ribbing.

I never imagined making men’s clothing and I still have quite a bit of practice before I feel comfortable with it! But making something new is always a great learning experience 🙂


Well, it’s no secret I’m slacking in the writing dept

Hey all, every day I say I’m going to sit and write, then the day goes by and I’m busy from sun up to sun down and I think guess I’ll write tomorrow. Well, it’s a vicious cycle because I never seem to find the time!

Life is busy, for sure! But there’s got to be some sort of balance, right? I tell myself often that it’s just this busy because I’m just starting out, because I’m launching a new clothing line, creating new designs each week, running specials and sales and sewing hundred of customs…well, the list goes on & on. And I’m blessed to have found this success all through word of mouth and social media, blessed to have you as my audience and happy to have a wonderful clientele.

It’s time to start blogging again. In fact, I just saw my little happy anniversary notification on WordPress. It’s time to write & share things w/you all again 🙂

So with that…it’s also goodnight! It’s late & I need some sleep so I can sewlikeamadwoman tomorrow 😉

I’ll leave you with tons of photos if my newer designs! Come check out my Sofia Verano Facebook page

















Where can you find me?

We now have a NEW facebook URL for our new clothing line. Please come visit at Sofia Verano. You can still find us on etsy at etsy and now our new maternity line is at bitty fluff

I’m looking forward to sharing all of my new creations with you!







Sofia Verano

Hello Ladies!  Introducing, Sofia Verano!  A new fashion line inspired by each and every one of YOU.  It’s been a few months in the making but I’m so excited that launch day is finally here and I hope you all love it.  Sofia Verano represents everything I hope to bring to the world as a seamstress and designer.  It also represents my commitment to all of you, since without you, this would still just be a dream.  I depend 100% on all you ladies to determine which outfits work and which don’t.  For that reason I’ll continue giving personal attention whenever I can because I love being able to communicate with all of you on a daily basis and I believe it’s something that truly sets Sofia Verano apart.  So now that you know the name, let me tell you about some awesome new features so we can get started.

Along with the addition of a brand name, soon everything I create will come with a one of a kind, “Made For” label.  Like everything else I do, I wanted my labels to reflect the beautiful ladies wearing my designs not just me. These labels will further guarantee that every outfit I produce is as unique and special as the person wearing it. The label will include only a first name to avoid any privacy issues.

You’ll notice my new photo album displaying my “Ready to Wear” items that will, in addition to still being made custom to your measurements, will also be sold in general sizes. I will continue taking custom orders for these items, however, now you also have the option to pick a general size with the advantage that it will ship within two days guaranteed!  At the moment I’m limiting the items in this section to only a few until I see what the demand is like to make sure I can keep up. Note: These items will not impact the 3-4 week waiting period I currently have for custom made orders.  However, you can choose to add one of these items to your existing custom order when it’s complete and they would go out together with no additional shipping charges applied.


RefashionMama on Etsy

RefashionMama on Etsy

I decided it was time to go ahead and give Etsy a try. I know so many people that love Etsy, that it just makes sense that I finally try it out myself. I’ve been successful with selling just by word of mouth and through my facebook boutique so here’s to opening up to the Etsy community. Wish me luck!