Nipntuck…to my clothes, not ME!

Not gonna lie…I love a little nip & tuck to ready made clothes in my closet! About 75% of my closet is #handcrafted #handmade but I still love to shop! I was a bit disappointed when these came & were too baggy in the leg especially around my ankles. 

Started to take these in then decided I wanted to share!

 1 leg shows original cut, the other shows the first alteration I started 

But don’t despair…a little #nipntuck to take these in totally did ’em right and I can wear them now!

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“Disaster Dress” refashion

Before & After pics of this refashion:


My friend, Nicole ordered this cute dress and when it arrived, the sizing was WAY off! It was so small that it may fit a size 0-2. She sent it to me to see if I could do anything with it. I was afraid I would only be able to save the bottom portion of the skirt because it was that small!

Well, I removed the elastic in the waist and chopped off the top of the dress since the bust line would not fit her.

I ended up saving the entire skirt portion of the dress because I changed the top to a yoga waistband. I made this “disaster dress” (as my friend called it) into a cute maxi skirt w/a custom drapey tank to match. I can’t wait to see pics, Nicole!

What would you like to learn?

What tutorials would you be interested in?

*Taking in or letting out trouser pants?


*Making your own patterns?


*Altering/customizing store bought patterns?


Let me know which one you are most interested in & I’d love to write a tutorial 😉

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