“Disaster Dress” refashion

Before & After pics of this refashion:


My friend, Nicole ordered this cute dress and when it arrived, the sizing was WAY off! It was so small that it may fit a size 0-2. She sent it to me to see if I could do anything with it. I was afraid I would only be able to save the bottom portion of the skirt because it was that small!

Well, I removed the elastic in the waist and chopped off the top of the dress since the bust line would not fit her.

I ended up saving the entire skirt portion of the dress because I changed the top to a yoga waistband. I made this “disaster dress” (as my friend called it) into a cute maxi skirt w/a custom drapey tank to match. I can’t wait to see pics, Nicole!


What would you like to learn?

What tutorials would you be interested in?

*Taking in or letting out trouser pants?


*Making your own patterns?


*Altering/customizing store bought patterns?


Let me know which one you are most interested in & I’d love to write a tutorial 😉

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Sofia Verano

Hello Ladies!  Introducing, Sofia Verano!  A new fashion line inspired by each and every one of YOU.  It’s been a few months in the making but I’m so excited that launch day is finally here and I hope you all love it.  Sofia Verano represents everything I hope to bring to the world as a seamstress and designer.  It also represents my commitment to all of you, since without you, this would still just be a dream.  I depend 100% on all you ladies to determine which outfits work and which don’t.  For that reason I’ll continue giving personal attention whenever I can because I love being able to communicate with all of you on a daily basis and I believe it’s something that truly sets Sofia Verano apart.  So now that you know the name, let me tell you about some awesome new features so we can get started.

Along with the addition of a brand name, soon everything I create will come with a one of a kind, “Made For” label.  Like everything else I do, I wanted my labels to reflect the beautiful ladies wearing my designs not just me. These labels will further guarantee that every outfit I produce is as unique and special as the person wearing it. The label will include only a first name to avoid any privacy issues.

You’ll notice my new photo album displaying my “Ready to Wear” items that will, in addition to still being made custom to your measurements, will also be sold in general sizes. I will continue taking custom orders for these items, however, now you also have the option to pick a general size with the advantage that it will ship within two days guaranteed!  At the moment I’m limiting the items in this section to only a few until I see what the demand is like to make sure I can keep up. Note: These items will not impact the 3-4 week waiting period I currently have for custom made orders.  However, you can choose to add one of these items to your existing custom order when it’s complete and they would go out together with no additional shipping charges applied.


T-shirt refashions

Just wanted to share a couple recent refashions I’ve created out of t-shirts.

I started with a stack of t-shirts


And made this…custom-made to her body measurements.


I took another stack of tshirts and created this cute dress with them! Love how it turned out too!


Where has the time gone?

The last month+ has flown by so quickly, that I can hardly explain it! So much has happened, so many items I’ve sewn, new fabric suppliers I’ve found and so many new designs I’ve created. Business has been busy!

I have several new changes coming up to improve the business. I’ve built up my fabric supply and my sweet husband has created a new cutting table and lots of fabric storage. He even special ordered a 5’x8′ cutting mat to fit over my entire cutting table! I love it and it makes it so much easier!

I have lots going on tomorrow so I’ll cut this short but its time to start blogging more for sure!

I’ll leave you with some of my newer designs.








RefashionMama on Etsy

RefashionMama on Etsy

I decided it was time to go ahead and give Etsy a try. I know so many people that love Etsy, that it just makes sense that I finally try it out myself. I’ve been successful with selling just by word of mouth and through my facebook boutique so here’s to opening up to the Etsy community. Wish me luck!

NEW Design: Custom-fit Gaucho Pants

Introducing the NEW custom-made-to-your-measurements Gaucho Pants!

I’m so excited to share this design with you as I have only designed tops, skirts & dresses thus far. I love being able to now offer pants…both available in full length or capri & in any fabric of your choice.

These are ONLY $25 now through Friday night during the Early Bird Special!


To order, please go to RefashionMama Boutique

$1 fabric headband SALE!

$1 Fabric Headband SALE will be this Wednesday 4/10 starting at 11 a.m. pst HERE

On facebook, SHARE THIS PHOTO to be entered to WIN a FREE specialty headband (additional entry for each friend you refer). Please make sure you select PUBLIC when sharing so your entry counts.

When the sale starts, I will post a photo of each available headband with the quantity available. You MUST comment with your Paypal/email.

U.S. Shipping is as follows: 1-3 headbands $2 shipping; 4-6 headbands $2.75 shipping, 7-10 headbands $3.50 shipping; 11+headbands $5.35 priority flat rate shipping. ALL shipping options come with tracking numbers. If outside of the U.S., please contact me ahead of time and I will give you shipping details.


Jenni maxi dress w/pockets

I’ve been making a lot of maxi skirts & maxi convertible dresses, so I decided it was time to make a cute style dress with pockets.

Introducing the NEW Jenni maxi dress w/pockets!


The Jenni maxi is available now custom-made to each clients individual body measurements and in the fabric of your choice. Choose between short n sassy (as shown) or floor length.




Please visit my RefashionMama Boutique

Introducing several NEW custom designs

Introducing several NEW designs in my boutique, all made to each clients body measurements and fabric of their choice.

Jagged Hem Skirt


Flutter Top


Skinny Mini pencil skirt


Penny tunic


Spring Fling skirt


Lacey tee


Sasha dress


Maxi skirt




Keli top


Lacey sleeveless cardi


Sasha top


Tee dress


Maxi convertible


Pixie pocket skirt


Please feel free to follow me on Twitter or Pinterest @RefashionMama or visit my RefashionMama Boutique