Sewing tip: Easy peasy spaghetti straps with a serger

Ever try to make spaghetti straps? Seems doable, right? Just sew down one side of a strip of fabric that’s been folded in half lengthwise…then turn it to the right side…wait, how the heck do ya turn it?!? Sure, you can use the old safety pin trick to try and push one end through the other, but what if your strap is too thin? What if your safety pin opens half way through pushing it through?

TRY THIS! If you own a serger, making spaghetti straps just got real easy!

First, make a long chain stitch by serging with no fabric (you want this chain to be the same length as your fabric strip or longer). Pull on the chain stitch to lengthen.


Next, lay the chain stitch down the middle of your fabric strip and fold fabric in half.


Now, serge down the right portion of the fabric strip, making sure to avoid the chain stitch thread. Serge all the way down the strip and cut the end of the chain stitch.


Now, pull on the end of the original chain stitch that’s laying down the middle of your new fabric tube.


Keep pulling so that the tube slides through the other end, pulling itself right-side out.



Pull on the chain stitch until you’ve turned the entire tube right side out. And now, you have a spaghetti strap!



9 thoughts on “Sewing tip: Easy peasy spaghetti straps with a serger

    1. Yes, you can us a regular machine, just exchange the serger thread with 1/4 inch ribbon, sew it to the end, then sew your seam. Be very careful not to sew the ribbon into the seam, then pull the ribbon through to reverse the fabric tube. :o)

  1. Im confused when you lay the chain stitch down the center do you stitch that at the top? Because at the end you say to pull on that chain stitch to turn it?? If its not stitched it would come out right?? Help me to understand please cause I could really use this technique. .. thanks

  2. I wish I had seen this 2days ago, I had to make a modesty panel for a dress that was bought too small, this would have been an easier way to make the loops for the lacing,so simple too, Cheers Liz

  3. What a great idea! Love it! Thanks for sharing, I’m sure I will be putting this trick to lots of work.

    Thanks again

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